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Political fundraising is hard. Long hours of calling donors, tracking pledges, generating reports, it’s enough to make you crazy! Looking for software to help? Check the nineties because that’s the last time anyone created some.

We couldn’t find any good options, so we created CMI to make your (and our) lives easier. It simplifies the work you need to get done, makes you more efficient, and helps you get out of the office quicker! We know you’ll love it! Give it a try today! 

we’re fundraisers too!


We know what it’s like to have to generate call lists on a moment’s notice or create a batching report. So when we couldn’t find a system that did everything we needed, we built our own (bet you’ve never heard that story before). Our aim is simple, to provide a fundraising system that anyone, from professional fundraisers to local candidates, can sign up and run with. Go ahead, check it out!

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what's included?

everything you need... and nothing you don't!



Need to know how many outstanding pledges you have? How about creating a report on a tag? Did we bring in anything in the last two days? With basic and custom reports, you can do everything above and more! Whether you use a template report or create your own, it's quick and easy so you can focus on more important things!

Intuitive call lists


Gone are the days of printing 20 page excel sheets for your call lists. With CMI's digital call list feature, simply select the contacts to call, save the list, and get going - or assign it to someone else. They can view anything on a donor’s profile, log notes, or request further action be taken. Then click next and soon you’ll be done, all without having to translate or re-type any notes.

Donor profile & timeline


This is where all data about your donors lives. You can easily see when you last contacted them, individual contributions they’ve given, pedigree information, associated companies, custom tags, the list goes on. And it’s all conveniently displayed on the donor’s timeline, just scroll and view.

Stellar customer service

Waiting on hold endlessly or filling out a basic contact form isn't what customer service should be. When you're contacting us for some help, we'll provide it in a friendly and prompt way. Just shoot us a call or email, let us know what you need, and we'll work with you to get your question resolved!

Event management platform 

Who, what, when, where - it all lives in your events. Easily set up the necessary information, record pledges and contributions, keep track of your attendees and view in real-time how close you are to your goal. And the how? It's up to you!

Task management system


We all forgot things. Whether it was to send a follow up email to an interested donor, or assign a new call list to the intern, things fall through the cracks. With our internal task management system, just create a new task, assign it to the appropriate person, and we'll remind you what needs to get done!

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pricing (really, no hidden fees!)

we've all dealt with hidden fees, so when you sign up with us, the price is the one that's actually listed!

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